Milad Ghiasi
Golden Caviar
Last update: 4,5,13

Golden Caviar was created for a contest entited Bio-machine that was presented by and judged by Scott Robertson and this artwork became one of the five winners in the contest.

Character was created using maya, zbrush, bodypaint, vray and photoshop .


GoldenCaviar_Front.jpg GoldenCaviar_Back.jpg


In Close-up


closeup1.jpg closeup2.jpg closeup3.jpg closeup4.jpg





Work in Progress



colorKeys.jpg texturing.jpg detail.jpg


Model_Head.jpg Model_back.jpg Model_front.jpg




golden_cvr_01.jpg golden_cvr_02.jpg golden_cvr_03.jpg golden_cvr_04.jpg golden_cvr_05.jpg golden_cvr_06.jpg





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