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Golden Caviar
Golden Caviar
Last update: 4,5,13

Golden Caviar was created for a contest entited Bio-machine that was presented by and judged by Scott Robertson and this artwork became one of the five winners in the contest. here is the link for the full report :

this is the final composition that i submitted for the contest .




image was created using maya, zbrush, bodypaint, vray and photoshop .

wip images from basemesh, hardsurface modeling, detailing, color keys and texturing .


proportion_w.jpg Model_front_w.jpg Model_back_w.jpg Model_Head_w.jpg
colorKeys_w.jpg detailing.jpg texturing_w.jpg

 here are some of the sketches i did for this character.


golden_cvr_01.jpg golden_cvr_02.jpg golden_cvr_03.jpg golden_cvr_04.jpg golden_cvr_05.jpg golden_cvr_06.jpg

some close up images i cropped from the print res version .


bio_closeup_01.jpg bio_closeup_03.jpg bio_closeup_02.jpg bio_closeup_04.jpg


here is a turntable i made from the character .rendered with Vray in FullHD and composited in Nuke.

image from turntable without compression and comp tree in nuke .

final_turntable_still.jpg comp-tree.jpg


Golden caviar received other awards including 

3Dtotal excelence award

CGfeedback top row award

also been featured in DigitalArtMasters volume9
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